Photogravure Workshops in Pittsburgh PA

Currently I am offering private consultations designed to help individuals to set up their own copperplate photogravure studio. I can also offer master class in intaglio printing.

Finished copper plate photogravure comparable to the very fine resolution aquatint and presents additional challenges while printing. There are a several factors, including choice of paper, blankets, pressure, ink consistency and temperature and wiping technique that greatly affect final quality of the print. You would not believe how different the results will be once you will change any of these parameters!

Classic technique of copperplate photogravure is difficult, but rewards an artist with unpecedented results if done correctly! I can help novice and experienced practitioner with help and advice.

One-on-one and small group workshops are possible. Please inquire for additional information.

Some artists and photographers would like to see their artwork to be transferred to the copper plate first to see the results. You can ask for details.