• mounting small 2x2 photogravure prints on Gampi

    Making a very small print presents additional unexpected challenges. Preparing entries for the competition, 16 images, 2x2 inches were etched together on single copper plate via traditional photogravure process. Proof was made. Now a dilemma: to cut or not to cut. Inking and printing all of these small beauties individually was a bit discouraging. Here is my approach: dry print them on a single piece of 13 gram Gampi. Let the ink dry over couple of days. cut gampi into individual 2x2 pieces. Prepare thin substrate out of plexi. use archival quality glue stick, moisten it sufficiently before the application. Put tiny print with glue applied over plexi on the press bed, cover with dry pre-teared substrate paper (arches rives) and run thru the press. If you did everything right, here you have a perfect dry mounted photogravure on gampi print!

  • Dry printing with Gampi

    Tried to print some of the very small copper plates done with photogravure with dry printing method on Gampi. The paper is so thin, about 13 gram, that perfect pressure alignment becomes critical, otherwise it will wrinkle. Never fails to amaze me, how delicate details get transferred beautifully on Gampi. Makes sense - on the more smooth paper you will get better details, hard to compete with Gampi, but what is more interesting, smooth tones get rendered more "tight", without grain or white spots, very, very smooth and solid. Every time I get frustrated with tones rendition on Revere, I should try Gampi.