Technical Info

Here is the short step by step description of the process:

1. create original

2. output original on transparent media

3. cut copper plate (polished) to slightly larger size.

4. sensitize gelatin tissue

5. dry gelatin tissue

6. put your gelatin tissue and transparency in vacuum frame and expose to UV light

7. soak GT in alcohol and transfer to degreased copper plate

8. develop applied exposed gelatin on copper plate

9. Dry overnight

10. protect back of the plate and the edges

11. etch in different solutions of the ferric chloride

12. wash and polish with paste

13. soak paper overnight and mix the ink

14. apply the ink to the plate and then wipe the excess

15. adjust the pressure of the press and place paper over the warmed up plate

16. run the plate/paper through the press

17. enjoy the print and let it dry

18. after a few days, when the ink is dry, soak the print in water and put it between corrugated cardboard and apply pressue, while running air through for 24 hours

19. Congratulations, now you have the perfectly flat print! Time to think of framing.